Burn Dry Wood

Moisture content of 20% or below.

Wet wood contains moisture. Burn seasoned wood

If you want to burn immediately look for the logo Woodsure as a guarantee of good quality dry wood. Season freshly chopped wood before burning Wet or unseasoned wood, often sold in nets, is cheaper to buy, but it needs to be seasoned (dried) before burning. Wet wood contains moisture which creates smoke and harmful particulates when burned. This can damage your stove and chimney. It also means you’re losing out on heat for your home. If you use Housecoal, use approved smokeless fuels instead These produce less carbon and smoke compared to house-coal when burned.
Air quality and wood fuel has become a hot topic and stove owners are being asked to think about the impact of burning poor quality firewood has on the environment. A stove is only as good as the wood it burns and so the Ready to Burn stamp of approval will reassure those who purchase firewood/briquettes with its logo that they are dry enough and immediately ready to burn.

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